Welcome to Gameathon. We are all about fun and games and are behind you having a great time! But obviously there are some strings attached to ensure every participant has a great time making games on Unity, make sure to follow them so its easier for the entire community to follow along.

1) In the hack, you are expected to develop a game from scratch.

2) Plagiarism will not be tolerated

3) Game must adhere to the theme: "First Person Shooter"

4) Platform used to build game must be Unity 3D

5) Team size must be 1-3



Make sure you are registered for the hackathon with your team members on the Official registeration form, else your submission will not be considered.

  1. A short video (max 2 mins) luploaded on youtube demonstrating your game - Voiceover is a must to help the judges understand your game better
  2. A few screenshots of the design process and final game - To show transperancy and originality of your work
  3. Create a google drive link and upload all of the code scripts used in your project.
  4. The link to your published game on Unity Connect - Check out the link in the resources tab to find instructions for the same